Thinking Mu Interview

We always like to know brands that are willing to improve and follow this journey towards sustainability. Today we bring you one of them, Thinking Mu. Being part of this brand means being part of an attitude and a commitment. Pepe Barguñó, Founder of Thinking Mu, will tell us about his brand and why he wanted to know its impacts in order to be able to improve in future decisions.

1.What do you do in the day-to-day study to be more sustainable?

I think everything comes together… when you start investigating you want everything around you to be as much sustainable as possible: food, clothes, house, energy, mobility… But of course we all have many limitations; we go to non organic restaurants, some of us use cars (even I have and electric Smart), some other come by bike… Food with plastic package are forbidden and, of course we recycle everything. We try to wear Thinking Mu clothes or any other real sustainable brands and of course we promote to buy less and less every time. We have a good control of the energy we use.

2. When do you decide to create Thinking Mu?

After my experience on a big company from 2004 to 2008. I realize the fashion world needed a big change and I found brands with good intentions but not stylish, so we wanted to put boths things together. May be now sounds obvious but was not at that time when most of the people didnt know about the words organic or Fartraide. Of course zero waste or transparency are concepts that came much much later. So we can say we are one of the 3 first brands in the world that stated making sustainable (real) fashion. At that time Labels or Cetifications did not even exist!

3. Why did you decide to partner up with BCOME The Change?

We try to be always aware to join any tool or project that could give us add value or transparency so when the girls from BCOME came to present us their project we said yes after 1 minute. Nowadays everybody says is sustainable and BCOME give us the possibility to show the truth and encourage all the team to do it everytime better and better. BCOME helps again the GreenWashing.

4. Which are the benefits of knowing the impacts that your supply chain generates?

It’s important to identify your impacts by numbers in order to priorize actions to improve on each matter. Also helps the team and the company to understand many things and to have Sustainable goals. Of course now we push more to all our suppliers with specific things to improve and they know someone at the other side is “watching”.

5. Where can we find your products?

We can say proudly that Thinking MU products can we found almost worldwide, of course not exactly… but we have retailers in most European Cities, Japan, Korea, USA… And of course at our website.

Thank you Pepe for this wonderful interview and to spread with Thinking Mu awareness with the objective of promoting honest and transparent products and industries.

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