The world of podcasts

by Andrea Awerhoff

The world of podcasts has increasingly raised in past years, with topics that we always dreamed of discovering. We surely know it’s not like a book, but through a podcast, you can discover about worlds you did not know before and take advantage of that extra time in the metro or the gym, or while you are in the plane, use that time for extra knowledge!

There are millions of topics for podcasts some aim to be more corporate, others more educative, other more spiritual nowadays we have such a freedom to choose about which world, topic, field, movement … we want to discover more.

What we truly love about podcast, is that is has been a very interesting way of creating communities for movements or ideas, for example, one of our favorite podcasts “ReWilding by Ella Grace Denton, is dedicated to women, Ella has created a huge community of women that want to reconnect with the inner wild women and on how to take care of ourselves as we are all mother earth. And we simply loved it!

We hope in the future to make podcasts for our community! So keep posted!

We want to share our top 7 list, and invite you to discover the magic of podcast!

#never stop learning a #new way of education

ReWilding by Ella Grace Denton is a podcast hosted by Ella Grace Denton a woman of the world leading a community of womn that want to reconnect with themselves. The podcast is dedicated to helping woman unravel their conditioning & connect with the wild woman inside.

Sustainababble is a podcast hosted by Dave and Ol dedicated to comedy about the environment. They share the latest environmental news stories, speak with experts, and spout their own opinions in their 30- to 40-minute, light comedy podcast.

Conscious Chatter is a podcast hosted by Kestrel Jenkins a leader on sustainability and ethical fashion. Her podcast cultivates conversations about sustainable fashion, style, and the global garment supply chain.

My Ocean by Ocean Wise is a podcast hosted by Alexis Brown, dedicated to take listeners on an adventure into the minds of some of the world’s true ocean champions and dives in to the remarkable ways they protect the marine environment.

The Business of Fashion Podcast is a podcast hosted by BOF, dedicated to its global community as the platform has become an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs. The platform dedicated a space to podcast were one of the main topics discussed is sustainability and fashion.

Plant Proof – Plant Based Nutrition and Inspirational Stories is a podcast hosted by Simon a Qualified Physiotherapist, Certified in Plant Based Nutrition and currently completing a Masters in Nutrition. The podcast is about connecting with like-minded & inspirational people to share their story, advice and experience.

Deliciously Ella hosted by Ella and her husband Matt. The Podcast delves into the world of physical and mental health, well-being, the realities of building a business and a brand and staying positive in a busy world.

Education is the new destination. We hope you enjoy our favorite podcasts!

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