The impact of the Fashion Week

by Andrea Awerhoff

During the last Paris Fashion Week, we strolled around the city of lights, Paris, looking for green commitments. That same week the strike for climate change by Extinction Rebellion was happening. For instance, in the streets there was not much happening regarding the strike, perhaps we were not in the right place and time, but it is true that following the short documentary of Butterflies of Paris, they were millions of butterflies around the city!. (we love the way W Magazine gives you a funny look into the fashion week, if you haven’t watched you must!)

This year two important values were added to many shows: sustainability and carbon neutrality. Sustainability has become a big statement that has moved across the whole industry and it has recently been involved in the production of shows that aim to reduce their carbon footprint.

But how can we calculate the impact of an intense week that provides millions of flights from all over the world and that makes cities got a bit cra-cra-zy?

It is a bit hard to calculate the full impact, but nowadays we can find different tools or professionals specializing in this area that would allow a greener future for the fashion weeks. There are millions of details that have to be considered for each action; transportation, accommodation, press notes, invitations, flowers, and decor, to mention a few.

Measuring the exact impact might take us a while, but we are extremely happy to see with our eyes that the change is starting in a memorable week that leaves inspiration across the world.

The future is near!

The incorporation of sustainable practices rises in the luxury market. In the past month, Kering has made a strong statement on how the Group is eliminating its carbon footprint along with all its brands. And through the G7, French president Emmanuel Macron has invited everyone to make a pact to join the movement for a better future in the fashion industry and not simply in the production of the clothing but every single part of their business.

We can see sustainable actions and practices in fashion houses like Dior, were in their latest show inspired on the natural world the house incorporated 164 trees were they comprised to later replant them across Paris, and were the hairstyle of models was associated with Swedish environmentalist, Greta Thunberg.

The production of this show was produced by Bureau Betak a design an event production agency that is leading the way for sustainable production of shows and events across the world.

In countries leaders on sustainability, strong commitments have been taken for Fashion Weeks. For instance, after the Stockholm Fashion week was canceled, the The Swedish Fashion Council has planned to create a new model and format to showcase that will be focused on new sustainability standards for the industry. t. While in Los Angeles, California, Emmanuelle Rienda has created the very-first Vegan Fashion Week.

The sustainable future for the fashion week is across the corner! Let’s join the movement for greener shows and encourage brands to become part of the change!

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