Sustainable Living

by Andrea Awerhoff

We are constantly dreaming about traveling to places where the infrastructure, design or system of the city or country allows us to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

We daydream about a city or town like Utopia (An imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. Written by Thomas More). Unfortunately, it remains quite of a fantasy but we manage to discover a very special town in a very colorful country, that is allowing citizens to embrace a very happy way of living.

Recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, San Miguel de Allende is a magic town located at the heart of Mexico. This whimsical town has an enchanting history, colonial architecture, local craftsmanship, delightful and local cuisine and an enviable climate with dramatic sunrises and sunsets. This making it an attraction for many artists, musicians, and creatives from all around the world. From which many are very aware of its cultural heritage and highly respect and support its community and environment.

There are millions of things to explore and discover; art galleries, hot springs, high desert hikes, botanical gardens, lavender fields, vineyards, but we have deeply fallen in love with one in particular discovery …

Valle de Los Senderos, a unique and diverse mixed-use community offering world-class health and wellness to which to live and enjoy nature, with an underlying dedication to innovative design, sustainable development, and the creative human spirit.

From its very beginning, it has been committed to creating a place based on smart, sustainable growth principles that intrinsically respect the land, local community, and humanity at large.

Sustainability its an essential element of their design initiatives as it can be noticed on their green building techniques incorporated into their dream houses: rammed-earth construction, solar energy, xeriscaping.

Los Senderos, it’s an urban oasis, that invites not only residents and members but visitors of San Miguel, to enjoy their natural beach, thermal waters, restaurants, vineyards, equestrian facilities, dreamy landscapes and activities such as yoga lessons, paddle boarding, live concerts and special events. Stay tuned for their future events!

Valle de los Senderos is a unique community that shares with the world how sustainable living is possible!

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