Some tips to BCOME plastic free

by Mercè Capell

Did you know that according to the Organisation WWF Spain we pour into the environment 100 million tones of plastic yearly, which equals to dispose 126 tones of plastic daily. In Spain we are responsible about almost 10% of the global production in the world. 

However, there’s a shared responsibility among consumers and the industry to bring down these numbers and create a more sustainable way of living.

There are multiple sources of information that will give you great insights on how to make your daily lives plastic free. I encourage you to visit the website, that Patricia Reina and Fernando Gómez founded some years ago for further information on this issue. Also, consider to invest in the step-by-step guide: “Life without plastic”, written by Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha.

In the following lines I propose you 5 useful and easy tips to follow to limit your consumption of plastic.

1. Bring you own “Tupperware” at the supermarket

Forget about packed food and jump in the world of buying food in bulk. Bring your own recipient to supermarkets to buy meat or fish and use reusable bags to pick up fruit and vegetables at grocery shops.

At the beginning might be odd but let people take their time and don’t be afraid to pose the reasons why you are doing it and they will understand it.

2. No straws

Do we necessarily need straws to drink? Of course not. The environmental impact that this small commodities have is greater than it seems. Single use plastics, such as straws, cutlery, balloon sticks and cotton buds, constitute 70% of all marine litter items.

The EU has already decided to ban theses throwaway products by 2021. And you as consumer, will you back this transition up?

3. Avoid bottled water

Bottled water produce 1,5 million tones of plastic litter every year. Instead of using bottled water invest in water filters. They will last for long, make you save money and forget about running out of water bottles at home.

Moreover, when travelling bring your own water filler and look for those places that have water fillers.

4.  Home made or packaging free cleaning products

If you decide to make DIY cleaning products, not only you’ll save a great amount of money but you’ll use less toxic products and package free ones. Did you know that vinegar is a great cleaning product? Simple recipe, a mix of equal parts of water and vinegar.

5. The last and the most important tip! Remember that the sum of small changes, will make a big difference. So try to make an effort to accomplish these goals! 

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