Planet in balance

by Andrea Awerhoff

Photo Fest in partneship with National Geographic

Following our article on sustainable living, we want to share with you a special event we were honored to assist about a month ago in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The Photofest in partnership with National Geographic “A Planet in Balance”

The festival is the largest photography event in Mexico, specialized in documentary photography and photojournalism.

This year there were two main exhibitions which were exhibit along the center of the magic town. Hosted by special guests from the National Geographic Team such as; Darren Smith, Federico Pardo, Jennifer Wallace, Jeff Kerby, Gael Almeida, Eric Pinedo, Virgilio Valdéz, and Cole Fiala.

Inviting all visitors and citizens of San Miguel to participate in the festival through, photowalks, conferences, film screening, and workshops.

Planet or Plastic?

Planet or Plastic exhibition has as objective to raise awareness of the global crisis of plastic waste and to empower a new generation of environmental leaders committed to combat this problem.

The power of the photographs from this exhibition and their stories show that an image is a powerful tool not only to document the evolution of humanity, but it also shows that one of the great powers of photography is that it makes us think and reflect.

With that in mind, Photofest joins this cause using materials in its exhibits that minimize the impact on the environment, thus helping to have a Planet in balance again.

The mission of this exhibition for Joel was to create a photographic archive of global biodiversity.

Photo Ark aims to document all species currently living in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries in the world, inspire action through education and help save animals that face extinction in nature, supporting conservation projects in natural habitats.

After more than a decade, Joel completed intimate portraits of more than 9,000 species, intending to photograph more than 12,000.

Museums around the world currently showcase the exhibitions of Photo Ark to raise awareness on this issue.

During one of the Photofest nights, SEA OF SHADOWS, a riveting new documentary National Geographic Documentary Films and winner of the Sundance Film Festival award

was screened at the heart of all the festival and it completely opens up the eyes into a different world of collective crime and climate crisis that has never been explored before!

The documentary shares the real story of how the Mexican drug cartels and Chinese traffickers join forces to poach the Totoaba fish in the Sea of Cortez due to it’s supposed health benefits.

The deadly methods used to capture the Totoaba, threaten to destroy all marine life in the region, including the most elusive and endangered whale species on Earth, the vaquita porpoise.

Throughout the documentary, you will embark a journey on how a team of dedicated scientists, high-tech conservationists as Sea Shepards, investigative journalists and courageous undercover agents, as well as the Mexican Navy, fight together to save the last remaining vaquitas on earth and bring the vicious international crime syndicate to justice.

We highly recommend to watch the documentary and get involved in the conservation of this endangered species.

We truly loved how Photofest , National Geographic, and San Miguel de Allende joined forces to create a definitive change for the future and the conservation of the endangered fauna of our planet through a creative and educative festival.

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