Our ocean, our environment – Salón Náutico Barcelona

by Andrea Awerhoff

Our ocean, our environment.

The Barcelona Boat Show ( Salón Náutico ), was held in the Port of Barcelona the month of October for its 58th edition, aiming to raise the awareness of all ocean lovers on respecting the environment, especially, the marine one.

There was a special space dedicated to sustainability, were leaders of the industry were held together through conferences and talks, about topics for improving the future of ports, cities, and beaches across Spain.

The speakers discussed how to improve the collection of the waste left in the ocean especially the one left on the ports of Barcelona, to the environmental requirements and certifications needed to improve these conditions, and on how to educate the people that live from the ocean. The “FISHPEOPLE” as quoted in Patagonia´s inspiring documentary; sailers, divers, fishers, surfers, all those who live by and from the sea.

Foundations, as We are Water Foundation promoted awareness on the water as a limited resource and encouraged to think about the need to create a new water culture which allows the fair development and sustainable management of water resources in the planet. After the conferences, we strolled around the tradeshow looking for innovative projects were we suddenly found our dream mint boat from the iBi Foundation.

iBi Foundation is currently on a mission of removing plastic from the ocean around Ibiza and the Balearic Islands.

To achieve a greater goal and to contribute to a cleaner ocean around Ibiza, the iBi Foundation purchased a 100% solar-powered catamaran with a self-developed cleanup system. This video explains briefly what iBi Foundation stands for and what its goal is.

Later on, we found the beautiful yellow bots from GPA SEABOTS, GpaSeabots is a pioneer in the development of various cutting-edge technologies applied to the preservation, care, and restoration of the sea, oceans and inland waters.

Their environmental commitment and passion for the sea push their R&D team to create innovative products concerning water preservation. These devices allow them to obtain valuable data in shallow waters or confined spaces, such as ports, rivers, reservoirs, lakes … To later be able to collect floating waste, microplastics, hydrocarbons, heavy metals and other marine pollutants with their boats.

Those same days, Posidonia Green Festival was held just across the corner, an international Eco-Festival of Art, Nature and Sustainable Development. Where we have the luck to meet the passionate creator of EARTH Surfboards, a highly eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to conventional boards that deliver comparable, if not better, performance levels. Light-weighted boards that incorporate pure craftmanship and sustainable materials.

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