Our family is growing!

We would like to introduce our new BCOME member, Carla Coloma. She’s specialized in environmental engineering, with 9 years of experience in designing and implementing sustainability strategies in large textile multinationals.

We want you to fall in love with her as we did. We admire her dedication and determination to create a more sustainable and transparent world. Therefore, we have interviewed Carla, so you can know a little bit about her!

– How would you define yourself in three words? Dynamic, nonconformist, transparent.

– If you could only know one thing about the future, what would you ask? I would like to ask which is the right way to get our purposes accomplished.

– What motivated you to study environmental science? I started hallucinating the adverse atmospheric phenomena like tsunamis and hurricanes. I was determined to go to America to hunt one. Then, when coherence came to me I decided to study environmental sciences as a way to specialize in any branch related to the environment, because I felt passionate about it. Afterwards, I understood the need to protect the environment in order to know more.

– A better world would be to…We get people to understand the power they have to change things.

– In what ways do you help Earth to be more sustainable? I implement new things constantly. I started like everyone else with recycling. After some time I also implemented efficient lighting, water taps and I decide to not buy anything that can’t be recycled. Currently I’m not buying anything uncertified, both in food, clothing, appliances…. And my biggest job is to get people to implement it on their daily basis, too.

– Which benefits your work at BCOME brings to companies? I want to be able to guide companies by giving them the necessary knowledge so that they can understand what’s beyond their limits and teach them how they can minimize their impacts, and even improve the lives of all people involved in their business, directly or indirectly. Similarly, we intend to transfer that value to the consumer so he understands his responsibility.

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