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Clotheswear – AW21 Collection

Showing the truth to the consumer

Since 2010, Thinking Mu has been working with more sustainable fibres, techniques and solutions to design comfortable clothing for men and women, becoming a reference brand in sustainability in Spain. Very conscious of the need to start caring for the environment, promote responsible and sustainable fashion and start involving the end consumer as a promoter of change.


  1. To offer a product with added value.

  2. To make sustainability more tangible.

  3. To show the truth to the final consumer.


With a great challenge ahead and a great track record in the market, BCOME has offered to increase its added value through its platform. The management and control of their supply chain, a 360º tracking to enhance their efficiency and to be able to analyse and verify the impact of their products more rigorously.

Smart Label


RRSS Communication

Today, all Thinking Mu garments include a smart label where history and impacts can be accessed.

Today everyone says that they are sustainable, but at BCOME we do not see sustainability without data. Therefore, through the knowledge acquired, Thinking Mu, both internally and externally, has been able to show the truth with solidity and criteria and face the GreenWashing wave.

“BCOME has given us the opportunity to show the truth and encourage the whole team to do better and better” – Pepe Barguñó, Co-Founder

This analysis has provided both the consumer and the brand with the transparency and traceability of the impact data of each of their products. Thus providing answers and solutions based on real data and not on intuition. All Thinking Mu garments include intelligent labelling where you can access the history and the environmental and social impacts generated. And it has served them, after the continuity in the repetition of collections, to improve in the election of materials, suppliers to diminish their impacts and to improve in potential areas.

Services used

Traceability. From km 0 to point of sale.

Analysis and results. Measure and evaluate environmental and social impacts.

Transparency. Educate and open up the values and impact that matter to the target audience.

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