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Hello Bcomers! How was your summer? We are back and we start again with the posts in our Blog. Today we bring you something different. Would you like to get to know The Nordic Leaves better?

As we know, information is power and the world is ready for greater accountability. For this reason, we interviewed Cristina, Founder of The Nordic Leaves, to tell us about her project and the reasons for measuring and analyzing its impacts with BCOME. I hope you like her brand as much as we do!

When do you decide to create your brand? The Nordic Leaves is a sustainable and organic clothing brand. TNL was born from the confluence of passion about fashion and sustainability. It was founded in 2017, at the same time our daughter was born. It has always been my dream to create a clothing brand because fashion has always been part of my life. We put all our effort to be sustainable because this is part of our lifestyle. It was from the experience of travelling around Nordic European countries that I realized I loved too much my passion to give up on chasing my dream… Moreover, during maternity leave I had enough time to think, plan and design the first collection and it was then when we decided to go ahead with the project.

Which are the benefits of knowing the impacts that your supply chain generates? With no doubt the main benefit is the opportunity to continue improving. Because knowing and understanding the entire cycle from supply to final consumption makes you find better opportunities to improve in terms of sustainability for future collections.

Other benefits, of course, are knowing that you are contributing to a more sustainable way of consumption and that we are offering the best products for customers skincare.

We are in a moment of change, what do you think the consumer needs to regain confidence with brands? Transparency. Knowing and understanding who and what is behind the garment the customer is buying.

The fashion industry has moved to a cheap and fast consumption model where only price and availability are the main drivers no matter the impact to the environment nor the people involved in manufacturing. If the final consumer knew what’s behind this model lots of people would switch to sustainable brands. In fact, in the last months/years we have experienced a shift in the way people is consuming fashion as more and more people is aware of the bad praxis used for lots of brands and the footprints they are leaving to the planet and to the people involved in the manufacturing process.

Honest and transparent fashion is still a minority in our society. Do you think that the fashion industry change will come? I believe future consumption will be more conscious not only in fashion but all industries. With education people will learn to value resources and to be more efficient with them to make this world a better place not only for us but also for future generations.

Fashion industry will suffer a slow but gradual transition to a more sustainable way of consumption where consumers will learn new and better consumption habits. It will take time but eventually we will get there and it will become the normality.

When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up? To be honest when I was a child, I was very attracted to fashion. My mom used to work as a dressmaker and sometimes she used to work from home. I grew up drawing girls with their clothes as well as dressing up my dolls.

As I was growing up my interest for human behaviour, wellness, psychology and sustainability increased. I guess the confluence of all interests finally emerged in the form of a sustainable fashion brand. 

Where can we find your products? Currently our products are available in our website:, several online marketplaces like Advocadostore (Germany), Aequem (United Kingdom), SlowNature (Italy) or Lovelymakerie (Spain) and also in the following points of sale: 

Velvet BCN Carrer Verdi, 42 – 08012 Barcelona

Greenlifestyle Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 95 – 08012 Barcelona

The Circular project Calle Ventura Rodríguez, 22 – 28008 Madrid

The Dressroom Calle Montesa 44 – 28006 Madrid

Yoo Calle de Velázquez, 39 – 28001 Madrid

Balumbaba Avda.Honorio Lozano 31 – 28400 Collado Villalba (Madrid)

Món a part Calle Miguel Bota Totxo S/N – 07460 Pollensa, (Mallorca)

Insòlita slow concept C/ Lope Gisbert 36 – 30800 Lorca (Murcia)

Almacén Concept Store Olmos 7 – 15003 La Coruña (Galicia)

Kreativ Avda. de Blondel 34 – 25002 Lleida

Thank you Cristina for this wonderful interview and to spread with The Nordic Leaves awareness with the objective of promoting honest and transparent products and industries.

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