Meet Saye!

Hello Bcomers! How are you?

Do you want to know another brand that has begun their journey towards transformation with BCOME? Today we bring you Saye! Javi Maíz, Saye’s industrial designer, will talk to us about the brand’s purpose of mitigating the impacts of the sneaker and looking for new materials to improve its sustainability.

I hope you like the brand as much as we do!

What would you ask to yourself 20 years from now?

Have we reached our goals? Lowest environmental impact possible without compromising design, quality and comfortability.

When do you decide to create Saye?

Back in 2017, when our CEO Marta realized planting trees was the best solution to fight climate change.

What is the main problem that a designer finds when he decides to create a sustainable fashion collection?

To be able to create more while consuming less. So the challenge is:

Simplify design without compromising style in order to minimize processes and consumption.

Expand our product lifespan.

Recycle and reuse materials and resources that are found already in the pre consumer and post consumer life cycle.

Which are the benefits of knowing the impacts that your supply chain generates?The conclusion of this assessment is relevant to get the cleanest product we can offer. Localize the weakest and harmfulest impacts and make them become our lowest ones.

When you were a little boy, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a Soccer player, an Arquitect, an Explorer, a Spy and an Archaeologist.

Thank you Javi for this wonderful interview and to spread with Wado awareness with the objective of promoting honest and transparent products and industries.

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