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Footwear – SS20 Collection

Degrading the textile industry

Flamingos Life, defend and bet on radical transparency as the core of their company and give voice to those who do not have it. For this reason, the main objective of this Spanish brand is to “decarbonise” the fashion industry and make the entire supply chain more democratic. They find that the consumer does not have the resources to make conscious and correct decisions since the companies that make up the sector do not share sustainability reports since we are in one of the most opaque and extensive industries.


  1. Ofering quality data to the final consumer.

  2. Need to obtain knowledge and control of its value chain.

  3. Improve their environmental and social impact.


In order to carry out this communication in a truthful, precise and clear manner for its products and with the support of BCOME, an analysis has been carried out to track its value chain, measure and evaluate its environmental and social impacts and diagnose the potential areas for improvement.

Product Sheet

Services used

Traceability form. From Km 0 to point of sale.

Evaluation and measurement of environmental and social impacts

Transparency. Educate and open up the values and impact that matter to the target audience.


The results obtained and the exhaustive analysis have not only allowed them to communicate and make sustainability tangible through the data, but have also served as a starting point to continue improving their environmental and social commitment.

“BCOME helped us to be more involved in the life cycle of our product and make better decisions”Carlos García, CoFounder

Positive Impact

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