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Ecoalf, one of the pioneering sustainable clothing brands born in 2009 in Spain with the aim of promoting honest and environmentally friendly products. In 2020, in line with its aim of investing in technologies and production processes that minimise environmental impact and responsible consumption, it has taken up the challenge of opening up its traceability to the end customer.


  1. Tangibility of sustainability with specific data, indicators and metrics.

  2. Guarantee the credibility and transparency of your products.

  3. Consolidate and build customer loyalty.


Through the BCOME platform, Ecoalf has brought its philosophy closer to the end consumer so that they can become direct agents of change. With a simple click, it allows the end consumer to obtain and know the environmental and social impact generated by each of its garments in a simple and user-friendly way.

This solution is available in the product sheets of its FW20 Autumn and Winter collection. 127 items rated according to the best sustainable initiatives carried out along their value chain in the areas of environmental, social and ethical efficiency.

Services used

Traceability form. From Km 0 to point of sale.

Analysis and results. Measure and evaluate environmental and social impacts.

Transparencia. Educar y abrir los valores y el impacto que importa al público objetivo.


This analysis has provided both the consumer and the brand with the transparency and traceability of the impact data of each of their products. Thus providing answers and solutions to create roadmaps for future collections, being more involved in the life cycle and providing accurate and clear information to the consumer.

“BCOME’s analysis has helped us to be more involved in the life cycle of our product and make better decisions”Jorge Delgado, Supply Chain Specialist

They have managed to increase the credibility and trust that users have with the brand and, therefore, its transparency and traceability. Now, they are able to face challenges about materials, suppliers and more solid, efficient and safe processes to keep on making a product more and more respectful with the planet and the people.

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