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by Niji

The sense of adrenaline you feel swiping your card after picking out trendy new clothes is unparallelled. Bags in hand leaving the store ready to sport the latest fashion trends of the season you do not think to remember the hands behind these garments. Endless hours in unsatisfactory working conditions manipulating coarse, synthetic fabric make for unsustainable fashion and an unhappy planet earth.

However, the good news is that there are multiple rising influencers sharing their efforts of a green closet. Below I share three of the top trending faces in the realm of ethical fashion today. Read more to gain insight on how to alter your closet and gain some knowledge in the process!

Kathleen (@consciousnchic)

Coming to you from the United States, Kathleen ties in her passions of women’s issues and labor trafficking, she works to improvise chic styles in her everyday life.

Michelle (@michelleforgood)

Los Angeles lifestyle influencer, Michelle, seeks ethical products and even created her own line of totes whose proceeds help victims of sex trafficking.

Aditi (@aditimayer)

Tying in her love of fashion photography and sustainable fashion, Aditi utilizes visual storytelling to bring light to her sustainable fashion journey.

It is not necessarily to make radical changes to your lifestyle; it is important to realize small changes go a long way! Challenge yourself and start actively looking for the sustainable option.

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