Forecasting a new lifestyle in Paris

The city of love is embracing sustainability in a very romantic way…

by Andrea Awerhoff

A couple of months in Paris, are the perfect amount to find out that big cities are evolving. Evolving into; green design, a slow lifestyle, breaking the rules of the traditional and capitalist system. 

The positive aspect of a cosmopolitan city is the instant influence on trends that goes across neighbourhoods, districts and cultures. And the power to inspire and make an impact on a global scale.

Despite, to the fact that the city remains very polluted, we have forecasted a big commitment from its citizens. Today, you can find streets fully dedicated to local and fair commerce.

For instance, in Rue de Gravilliers a tiny street in Le Marais, you can find multiple vegan-vegetarian options and showrooms with designers offering upcycling and craftsmanship objects.

We forecasted a couple of trends, projects, events and more; that is influencing the city to shift from the city of love to the city of change :


“We hope that via music, we can spread economical, social and solidarity values – values that are music to your ears!”

We Love Green, is a yearly summer festival in the outskirts of Paris (Bois de Vincennes) committed to eco-friendly solutions.

From their artistic line-up to their eco-friendly scenography, the whole festival is in keeping with their green commitments which underlie the festivals belief.

The festival aims to raise awareness through music, workshops and screening on certain issues and hopes to have an impact to change people’s’ habits, and become part of the movements towards change.

In the heart of the festival, a Think Thank Stage, promotes environmental innovation and encourages the exchange of ideas, as well as raising awareness of the biggest ecological issues around. To achieve this, iconoclastic thinkers, scientists, activists, artistic, sociologist are invited to lead the stage.

There is also, a Start-Up Lab; bringing together pioneering organisations and businesses from different areas such as green tech, circular economy, sustainable food production and agriculture, ethical fashion and design.

We Love Green is leading an educational project in partnership with art schools, architecture schools and BTS in the Ile-de-France region to develop artistic projects.

“Being and doing We Love Green is just the beginning of our mission!”

Looking for eco-plans for this summer? Check out We Love Green lineup and actions:


The GoodPlanet Foundation was created and is chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, renowned photojournalist, to raise public awareness on environmental issues and environmental protection.

Created in 2005, the GoodPlanet Foundation takes action in three main areas:

  1. Environmental and solidarity field projects

  2. Raising Awareness and educating people on sustainable development

  3. Helping companies and institutions implement an environmentally responsible approach

The foundation has established a site in Paris, opened to the public, where every week they propose a multiple of activities such; workshops, ateliers, expositions, concerts, screening, talks and events dedicated to make ecology and humanism a central issue to encourage people to take concrete action for the Earth and its inhabitants.

We are beyond excited, to find foundations like GoodPlanet, that open the doors to everyone to become part of the change. So, if you are in Paris, and are looking for a cool plan, you must check their agenda:


Fleux is the perfect place to make your home feel like home. And the start of your slow lifestyle.

Located in Le Marais, and spread across four stores on one street, Fleux offers a wide range of charming eco-products and offers a slightly different shopping experience from all the other stores in Paris.

Each store has a distinct style, and offers different products, so make sure to visit all of them!

You can from brands such as; EcoAlf, Veja, True Gum, to mention a few of their lovely brands.


French department stores are taking action… they are even opening a new space that welcomes sustainability.

Go for Good is the new movement from Galeries Lafayette for responsible fashion.

It is a creative and committed approach that brings together, online and in stores, a large number of brands and products that have a positive impact on the environment, social development or local production.

From organic cotton or Oeko-Tex certified clothing, collections made in France, vegetable-tanned leather or natural cosmetics … Go for Good is committed to making a change in the production and consumption methods step by step.

Have a look at their online stores, or if you are in Paris, visit their brand new flagship store in Boulevard Haussmann.


Can you imagine the amount of waste that a city like Paris must generate? Tons and tons of wasted food…

But today start-ups like To Good To Go in Paris, are promoting solutions to this issue by working with restaurant, markets and supermarkets, to re-sale at a low price food.

To Good to Go, offers what they like to call “Magic Bags”. Bags, filled with nourishing and delicious products that restaurants, supermarkets, and stores are unable to sell.

Join the food waste revolution


Located in the corner of Rue de Gravilliers, Miyam has recently opened its doors and has welcomed a new minimalistic way of shopping local groceries, but above all giving you the option to fill your fridge with high-quality seasonal products.

The story of Miyam is a beautiful and inspiring family fairytale.

But their manifesto is simple and cool:

“Because there are alternatives to standardized products, because you can enjoy shopping, because cooking with love feeds better.

We act sincerely and simply, we offer a daily diet that does good, we re-enchant the shopping carts and the plates.

By choosing farmers who look after their land, by cooking our grandmother’s recipes ourselves, taking care of the world.”

If you are a food curiosier, Miyam is the place to explore the seasonal products in the city. So if you don’t find a wide variety of fruits it’s normal! It’s simply not the season! We have to be conscious of eating more seasonal and less exotic” More apples and less açai!


Biking around Paris, we encounter a little colorful atelier/store, showcasing beautiful feminine pieces, with powerful embroidered phrases.

Côme, is the name of a beautiful project, created by a sister and a brother, that offers editions, rather than collections.

The brand does not follow the seasons but strives to constantly create new models to complement its timeless.

In 2016, Côme, started to embroider jackets together with the SWAC project based in Senegal.

The project was launched, to help women with painful past, donating 20 % of the final price of each embroidered model to the association.

They brands offers a whimsical pieces, with a beautiful story behind. So if you are looking for a gift for your feminist sister or friend Côme is the perfect place!


Even, Goop has launched an App “G. Spotting” that according to your location promotes millions of slow and healthy options for you life or visit in Paris.

You can download the app here

If you like this article and you are interesting to know more, please write us a comment, as in the future we would love to propose a green travel guide of the city.

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