Flamingos Life Interview

We look forward to reconnecting with the products, so that their stories will make us vibrate. Meet @flamingoslife, the shoes that have recently joined BCOME to discover the power of their decisions. The truth is they won’t leave you indifferent.

Carlos García, CEO & Founder of Flamingos Life, opens the doors to the Flamingos world today.

1. What do you do in the day-to-day study to be more sustainable?

I always have sources of inspiration, it doesn’t matter if is people, authors, bibliography, etc. They help me get out of the routine and take perspective to have clairvoyance, a fundamental aspect in these days of so much infoxication.

I also try to think ecologically in order to not fall into errors forced by advertising and the media. For example, a few years ago I decided to re-found flamingos in an organic brand walking through a supermarket in my town (Alicante) seeing that people were buying oranges from South Africa. At that time I understood that we were making decisions in the wrong direction. It is a collective suicide, I mean, to buy a fruit that has had to be picked up by people in terrible working conditions and that has had to travel 20,000 km to be chosen in our neighborhood supermarket. Even more so when 1 minute from your house are those same oranges.

2. When do you decide to create Flamingos Life?

I decided to create flamingos life when I finished the University… I wanted to give voice to those who don’t have it and I tried to collect the knowledge of footwear that exists in my area. The result was that I created a “brand simulation” but with great intention, sandals free of animal components.

The negative aspect was that by not using skins we used plastics, so the carbon footprint was huge. Also at that time I didn’t have the conscience so it took us almost two years to know that we were going in the wrong direction. Even more in 2017 we changed the productions from Spain to Asia, aggravating the ecological situation. One year later, in 2018, finally we made a good decision and turned at the right time, re-locating production in our area (Elche).

3. Why did you decide to partner up with BCOME?

A moment came that due to the volume of the company and the productions we were generating great environmental impacts. We take care of every aspect of the brand in detail, including production processes and raw material certifications, but we wanted to do an external audit to get a second opinion on our impacts.

A pillar of our philosophy is transparency and information. We want to make a more democratic fashion industry in all supply chains, so we looked for the right partner to know in detail what we were doing and what implications we had both socially and environmentally.

4. Which are the benefits of knowing the impacts that your supply chain generates?

In the end, to make good decisions you need as much information as possible that is accurate. ThiIn the end, to make accurate decisions, you need as much information as possible and to be truthful. It is the breeding ground for generating a solid and stable philosophy and modus operandi for all those people involved in the supply chain.s is the breeding ground to generate a solid and stable philosophy and modus operandi for all those involved in the supply chain.

5. Where can we find your products?

On our website and in multi-brand shops in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

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