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Top films & documentaries to watch and understand climate change better.

by Andrea Awerhoff

Global warming is real.

A while ago, films such as “The Day After Tomorrow” seemed like a fantasy.

Today we are experiencing stories and cases that relate to films we never thought could become reality.

But as scary as it seems, we have to become more aware and educated on how to collectively work on this climate crisis.

For this reason, we thought it could be cool to make an eco-plan for our BCOME community. A plan that suits perfectly to a cosy Sunday on your couch learning about the changes and people working to build a brighter future.

We have compiled a list of six spectacular releases, documentaries and films.

Each film, with a different point of view of the problem, that will allow you to expand your horizons on better understanding the environmental, economical and social issues of the the current crisis.


Directed by Damon Gameau.

The film embarks a journey that explores how the future would look like by the year 2040. The story is structured as a visual letter to his 4-year-old daughter on how if we simply embraced the best solutions already available to us to improve our planet and shifted them into a global scale.

But 2040, isn’t just a movie! It’s an educative platform in which you can create an action plan to bring to life your 2040. You can also make donations and fundraise project on marine conservation, women empowerment or simply on planting trees.

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The Anthropocene

Directed by Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and Edward Burtynsky.

Anthropocene “The Human Epoch” takes us on a full meditation on humanity’s massive impact on the earth.

“From concrete seawalls in China to the biggest terrestrial machines ever built in Germany, to psychedelic potash mines in Russia’s Ural Mountains, to metal festivals in the closed city of Norilsk, to the devastated Great Barrier Reef in Australia and surreal lithium evaporation ponds in the Atacama desert, the filmmakers have traversed the globe using high-end production values and state of the art camera techniques to document evidence and experience of human planetary domination.”

The film follows the research of international scientists, that after nearly 10 years of research, argue that the Holocene Epoch gave way to the Anthropocene Epoch in the mid-twentieth century, due to the profound and lasting human changes to the Earth.

Similar to 2040, The Anthropocene has become a project that organizes photography exhibits and empowers education relevant to the themes seen in the film.

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Human Flow

Directed by Ai Wei Wei.

A powerful film, on the global refugee crisis.

“People around the world have been forced from their homes to escape famine, climate change and war in the greatest human displacement since World War II.”

The film takes you on journey followed by the internationally renowned artist Ai Wei Wei, giving you a powerful visual expression to the massive human migration.

The documentary shares both the shocking scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact.

Captured over a year in 23 countries, the film follows a chain of urgent human stories that stretches across the globe in countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Greece, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, and Turkey.

Human Flow comes at a moment when tolerance, compassion and transparency are needed more than ever.

Ai Wei Wei, has several projects and books related to this issue you can learn more and take action here

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Sea of Shadows

Directed by Richard Ladkani.

Sea of Shadows, the documentary that shares the real story of how the Mexican drug cartels and Chinese traffickers join forces to poach the Totoaba fish in the Sea of Cortez due to it’s supposed health benefits.

The deadly methods used to capture the Totoaba, threaten to destroy all marine life in the region, including the most elusive and endangered whale species on Earth, the vaquita porpoise.

Throughout the documentary, you will embark a journey on how a team of dedicated scientists, high-tech conservationists as Sea Shepards, investigative journalists and courageous undercover agents, as well as the Mexican Navy, fight together to save the last remaining vaquitas on earth and bring the vicious international crime syndicate to justice.

We highly recommend to watch the documentary and get involved in the conservation of this endangered species.

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The 11th Hour

Directed by Nadia Conners, Leila Conner.

The 11th Hour is a documentary film, on the state of the earth, the last moment when the change is possible.

The film explores – how we live, how we impact the earth’s ecosystems, and what we can do to change our course.

Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and featuring ongoing dialogues of experts from all over the world, including former Soviet Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev, renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, former head of the CIA R. James Woolsey and sustainable design experts William McDonough and Bruce Mau in addition to over 50 leading scientists, thinkers and leaders who discuss the most important issues that face our planet and people. The planet is in danger and actions need to be taken immediately if we are to have any chance of reversing the negative consequences.

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The Odyssey

Directed by Jérôme Salle.

The Odyssey explores the life of Jean Jacques Cousteau. The highly influential and fearlessly aquatic adventurer, pioneer, innovator, filmmaker, researcher, and conservationist.

“He is the biggest witness to the history of humanity. He discovered a new world. He filmed the sea depths and made us reflect on our responsibility. He was able to see the change that man had inflicted on his environment”

And to date, his family continues to preserve his legacy on marine protection and nature conservation through “The Cousteau Society” organization.

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We hope you enjoy our selection of films and documentaries. And you find the perfect plan to share it with friends and family.


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