Caring for your clothes

by Niji

A large part of sustainable fashion is shopping less and buying fewer first hand clothing materials. This can be a difficult goal to keep when your clothes are not lasting as long as you would like.

Below are 10 tips you can use to take better care of your clothes and see them last longer in your wardrobe.

1. Look for durable fabrics.

Noticing which fabrics you buy is very important. It is easiest to buy durable fabrics which require much less care.

2. Wear more, wash less.

It is also vital to note that the more often you wash your clothes, the faster they will lose quality and become worn out. Try washing them twice a week instead of everyday or every other day.

3. Fold clothes along the seams.

In order to keep true the shape of your clothing and prevent unwanted wrinkles, be sure to fold all your pieces at the seams!

4. Air dry! 

It is actually better to air dry your clothes then to throw them in the electric dryer. It preserves the quality of your clothes longer!

5. DIY and at-home repairs clothes.

Instead of tossing your clothes as soon as they receive a tear or lose a button it much more cost-efficient to sew it yourself at home or even DIY and create fun new styles of clothing.

6. Avoid Ironing.

Do not waste water by ironing – try steaming! When you leave your clothes hanging upright in the hot bathroom as you are showering the steam will naturally get rid of any wrinkles.

7. Empty your pockets.

Do not forget to empty out your pockets at the end of the day. Leaving something in them before they are washed is a recipe for disaster.

8. Zip your zippers and button your buttons! 

To prevent a snagged zipper or a lost button be sure they are always fastened.

9. Denim

Sometimes denim can get a little stinky. An easy way to maintain a fresh odor in between washes is to put them in a sealed plastic bag for two days or hang them to chill during your hot shower time.

10. Dark Clothing

An interesting tip to maintaining the dye on your darker clothing garments is to turn them inside out before washing. This way the color will not transfer and remain intact for many years to come.

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