Alaska: The last frontier

by Clara Planas

Alaska better known as the last frontier. Where the sun almost never sets and nature is wild and unexplored. Full of great glaciers, immense valleys of vegetation and animals in freedom. One of the most remote places in the world, there, in the northernmost part of human life on Earth, touching the Arctic. Ready to be explored this August by a BComer.

I needed nothing more than a car, a good companion and a backpack full of mountain clothes to travel the long roads of this beautiful U.S. State.

We were embarking on a great adventure, discovering in 10 days this unexplored and inhospitable territory, where roads only cover 30% of the state and bears and caliburs share their lives with humans.

ust out of the plane we headed north. We enter the microclimate of the Denali National Park. With a lot of rain and little sunshine, as a friend of mine always tells me. Even if the Denali didn’t appear, we were lucky enough to see a few bears feeding for the winter season and others wild animals such as Moose and Caliburs.

Big trees run along the sides of the road and the best panoramic views could be appreciated without getting out of the car. Glaciers, valleys, mountains and animals constantly accompanied you, such as the Gleen Highway, west of Anchorage, the capital. Our last stop was the South, the Fjords and fishing villages like Homer or Seward.

To tell you the truth, Alaska had never been one of my top 10 travel destinations. But these ten days of route trip around Alaska made me see the beauty of the world.

Green invaded us. The feeling of driving on these long roads, without traffic, and with that overwhelming nature was totally gratifying. I have always been amazed at the variety of wildlife and climate that the Earth has provided. And it was when I became more aware that we have to take care of it and respect it.
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