A conscious gift

by Andrea Awerhoff

“This year, consider giving to our home planet in the name of someone you love. Give to the tireless, community-based groups who work to save clean water and air in your neighborhoods, our public land treasures, our wild animals and birds, and our wide oceans.”

– Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario

This year BCOME wants to help every single human on this planet to make a conscious decision when giving.

First things, first, changing our shift into the art of giving. No objects, no money, but instead valuable and memorable experiences that can contribute to good causes. For this season, Patagonia, launched a genius and unique idea “The Gift of Giving” through Patagonia Action Works. Allowing us to give to our favorite environmental group in the name of a loved one. (send a digital eCard, print a card from home, or pick up a physical card in any Patagonia store in the United States or Europe.)

We love “The Gift of Giving” and can’t wait to give to our loved ones. Especially to those grumpy ones who say that the climate crisis is not real! For those living or currently visiting London, Los Angeles or New York. Please visit the “Choose Love Store” by Help Refugees. The world’s first store where you can buy real gifts for refugees.

According to Metro UK. “Since Choose Love first opened in 2017 its stores and website equivalent have raised £3 million, helping provide refugees with: 158,712 hot meals 19,000 blankets and 6,000 tents 8,000 insulated baby grows and 21,000 warm children’s coats 1,306,777 nappies 4,500 school bags 5,700 sleeping bags Enabled a rescue boat to spend 6 months saving lives at sea.”

The store offers practical items like tents, nappies and sleeping bags, but instead of taking it home, each purchase buys a similar item for someone who truly needs it.

Oh! And don’t forget you can also help this cause online!

We encourage to support causes like these, but as we know this might not be for everyone, try to shop local, create your own gifts with recycled materials, shop in second hand and vintage shops, Flea Markets, offer experiences rather than objects. ( Airbnb Experiences could be an ideal gift! )

A view into Choose Love Store

In case you are looking for more options, here are two of our favorite sites The Good Trade & Goop that offer an incredible lists for you to dig into conscious shopping!


Goop is cutting-edge wellness advice from doctors, vetted travel recommendations, and a curated shop of clean beauty, fashion, and home. Goop Holiday Gift Card


The Good Trade is a premier online destination for conscious women and men—covering conscious fashion, beauty, food, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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